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A Testimonial From One Of Our Fairytale Creators

👑 I wear crowns. Almost every day.


I wear crowns and tiaras when I’m running errands, at the grocery store, out for lunch, when I film a video.


I even wear them when I’m alone in my house.


Here’s why…


Life is a Fairytale.


Fairytales aren’t always rainbows and butterflies. They can be full of darkness. Heartbreak, death, trails and tribulations.


Which we all experience.


But Fairytales are also full of great love, accomplishment and epic journeys.


Just like our real lives.


You manifest your reality. Energy responds to your vibration, therefore it is what you make it.


I’ve decided to make my life, a Fairytale life.


I’ve found wearing a crown makes me happy.


Sometimes people stare or think it’s funny, ask me if it’s my birthday.


But most of the interactions I have while wearing crowns are super positive.


Children smile at me and think I’m a real princess.


People are complimentary, more outgoing. They want to engage and ask questions.


Wearing a crown makes the world a more beautiful, magical place.


I thought I would share my story here, with the most magical boutique in the world. My favorite store on the planet. The provider of hundreds of gorgeous symbols that inspire and delight.


I want to encourage anyone considering buying tiaras from FairytaleCreators.com to do so without hesitation.


Every single one of us could use more support, more love, better interactions, a more magical life.


If a crown or tiara helps with the way you look at yourself and your life, (like it does me) I encourage you to try it. :)