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Frequently Asked Questions

Fairytale Creators has the best customer service in the world. Our company policy above all else is to make our Beautiful Fairytale Creators, a.k.a. you, HAPPY. If you have any questions about your order, or need help in resolving an issue, our team will get you sorted ASAP:

Do you custom-make crowns or other fairytale products?

Fairytale Creators does not accommodate custom-made orders at this time.


We have a wide variety of products to choose from. Crowns, headpieces, tutus. These items range from a classic, simplistic look, to wildly avant-garde. We are 100% sure you'll find at least one crown that fits your fancy.


If you have a special event coming up and you would like our advice on which crown to choose, please email us at Attach of photo of your outfit and we will give you our top picks!


New fairytale products become available frequently. We suggest bookmarking Check in often to see if a new piece catches your eye.


Do you do gift wrapping?

At this time, Fairytale Creators does not offer gift wrapping. Our crowns come packaged safe and sound in bubble wrap. The current packaging is not fancy, it's practical and safe. 


If you are gifting a crown, explain that it won't arrive in a beautiful package, but the crown itself will be stunning.

We also suggest having the crown shipped to your home first, and wrapping it beautifully yourself. :)


Fairytale Creators hopes to offer gift wrapping services in the near future. 

How long does shipping take? May I pay for expedited shipping? Currency?

Fairytale Creators standard shipping time takes between 12-39 days. Our currency is in USD.


Many times our fairytale products arrive weeks before the 39 day deadline, but we do not guarantee it.


Some of our crowns are shipped from our suppliers overseas, therefore we take into account processing time, travel time between countries, delays at customs, etc.


Priority shipping costs are exponential, so we do not allow for expedited shipment. Our customers will always receive FREE shipping. 


We suggest ordering your crowns, tutus and other fairytale products at least a month in advance of your event.


When will a sold out crown become available again?

If a product is sold out, unfortunately we cannot give you the exact date of future availability.


We suggest looking through our hundreds of other fairytale products and picking one of those to start.


Bookmark Check in often to see if/when your favorite piece becomes available again.


How can I track my order?

Here is the link where you can track your order:


You can also find this page by visiting and clicking on the ‘Order Tracking’ page.


You will receive an email with your tracking number a few days after you purchase.


Tracking information may not be available for the first two weeks. Take into account our standard shipping time, which is 12-39 days.


Try your best to be patient. We know, you want your magical products in your hand/on your head ASAP! ❤︎


I ordered three crowns, but only received two? Where is the other one?

If you ordered more than one of our magical fairytale products, chances are they will arrive at different times. This is perfectly normal.


Because Fairytale Creators have suppliers all over the world, some of our fairytale products are shipped from different locations.


We at Fairytale Creators suggest ordering a few crowns at a time. Awaiting their arrival and receiving them at random can be exhilarating.


Do you have crowns suitable for children?

We have quite a few crowns that are suitable for children.


The Textbook Dainty Silver Tiara was made for children. Many of our headbands fit children, such as the Excellent Gossip Girl Headband and the Universal Simplistic Bridal Headband.


We also have cute pieces like the Nifty Shining Star Head Jewelry and the Soaring Gold Bird Hairpieces that are ideal for kids.


Children love any and all of our smaller crowns, and they fit them perfectly. Such as our Beguiling Green Crystal Crown and our Unencumbered Cute Princess Diadems


Most of the metal in our crowns is somewhat pliable. Adjusting the size to fit a the head of a child should be relatively easily.


We would not suggest buying our tallest crowns for children (you can read the height of each crown in the description), as they are very well-made and can be heavy on a child's head.


Below all of our Fairytale Products are customer reviews where you can hear your fellow Fairytale Creators opinions, and see photographs.


What are your crowns made of? What are their exact dimensions? 

The dimensions of our crowns vary, as well as the material they are made of.


Many of our crowns are made with metal materials, some with natural stones, some with precious stones, others with hints of plastic beads, glass and/or fabric materials. It very much depends on the crown.


If you need detailed information about a specific crown, you may email us at


I heard you give a free crown away. How can I join the giveaway?


Every month, one lucky Fairytale Creator will receive the Splendid Wild Nature Tiara 100% on us. 


Follow the steps below for a chance to win this crown...


  1. Purchase a crown/tutu or any other Fairytale product on our store. Any product you desire.

  2. For every product you purchase, your name will be put into a drawing for a chance to win the Splendid Wild Nature Tiara. For example, if you buy one item, your name will be into the drawing once. If you buy ten, your name will be put into the drawing ten times.

  3. Every month, at the beginning of the month we send a private email to the winner informing and congratulating them. The Splendid Wild Nature Tiara will be shipped to the winners home address, (which our system will have already captured because of their previous purchase). The FREE tiara will arrive within our standard 12-39 day shipping time. And of course, you never pay shipping.

  4. On the first of every month, the contest will begin anew. Past purchases will not be included in the new months contest. Make sure you add to your address book so you never miss an email.


We do this monthly contest because we LOVE our Fairytale Creators so much. We appreciate you. We admire you. We wish you the ULTIMATE Fairytale Life.

FairytaleCreators does giveaways and weekend sales often. Bookmark, sign up for our email list and be open and ready for amazing deals!


How do I attach the crowns to my head? 

Most, but not all of our crowns have small holes at the ends and/or in the base of the crowns. Their purpose is to attach the crown securely to your head using bobby pins.


Where should I wear my crown?

We at Fairytale Creators believe there is ALWAYS an excuse to rock your crowns!


Here are a few places/events where you should DEFINITELY wear crowns... 

  • Girls Night
  • Date Night
  • A Fancy Dinner Party
  • A Lavish Get Together
  • A Special Event
  • The Red Carpet 
  • The Movies
  • An Audition
  • A Speaking Engagement 
  • A Book Reading
  • A Job Interview ("A girl's got to stand out.")
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • An Art Show
  • The Beach
  • Vacations
  • Picking Your Kids Up From School
  • Class
  • Prom
  • Graduation 
  • Reunions 
  • Chemotharapy 
  • The Office
  • While Making A YouTube Video
  • Pageants 
  • Cosplay 
  • Photoshoots
  • Holidays
  • Costume Parties
  • Easter Sunday
  • Church 
  • Parties
  • Your Birthday, Of Course! 
  • Your Wedding!
  • A Renewal Of Your Vows
  • Your Rehearsal Dinner
  • Your Honeymoon
  • Role Playing ;) 
  • Baby Shower
  • While in Labor!
  • Closing On A Home
  • While Cleaning Your Home
  • While Cooking
  • While Watching Your Favorite Movie
  • Running Errands
  • While Walking Your Dog
  • To Feel Inspired!


Some of our Fairytale Creators are bold enough to wear their crowns as a part of their daily wardrobe. They don't leave the house without a crown, tiara, headdress or dainty headpiece. We encourage you to do the same. ❤︎


Crowns will make you happy. Wearing them will inspire you to be brave. 


Keep your crowns on display in your home when you aren't wearing them. Decorate your home with them!


You will feel like the Queen you are while wearing your crowns. Even if you're simply cleaning your home or cooking a meal for your family... You are a Queen.


Once you experience all of the positivity that comes your way while wearing your crowns, you'll wonder why you haven't worn them all along. 


What is your product guarantee?

Fairytale Creators guarantee our products will arrive as described.


If for some reason there is an issue with the goods or delivery, please contact us at


We will arrange to either refund you for a lost or damaged crown or send you a replacement.


Returns need to be postmarked within 7 days of delivery. Contact our team and we will issue you a return shipping label.


We have stellar reviews from our customers underneath each product. We have the greatest customer service on the planet.


We at Fairytale Creators do everything in our power to fully satisfy our fabulous customers and bring great value to their Utopian existences.


What countries do you ship to?

Fairytale Creators ships to the following countries; The United States, The United Kingdom, Ireland, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France and Brazil.


We will expand our reach to many more countries in the near future.

One of the jewels fell out of my crown during its travels. What can I do?

If a jewel falls out during transit, they are typically very easy to fix. Simply super glue it back into it’s proper place.


We design most of our crowns with a bit of flexibility so they are can be molded to your head shape. You should have no problem making minor adjustments to your crowns shape.


If on the extremely rare occasion your crown is damaged beyond repair, please email us at We will resolve any issue with the utmost haste and professionalism.


It is our company mission to create quality products and most importantly, make our customers happy. 

If these questions and answers do not apply to your situation, or you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Our fantastic customer service team will get you taken care of at their earliest convenience. Our company policy above all else is to make our Beautiful Fairytale Creators HAPPY.


Wishing You A Fairytale Life!