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Buy Yourself Your Favorite Crown Today, With This Discount Code...

❀️ Dearest Fairytale Creator,

Please buy yourself your favorite crown today. ❀️

We have an amazing 75% OFF sale occurring, but we wanted to give you a little something extra. πŸ’• Β 

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Thank you for being a Queen.πŸ’œ

Thank you for encouraging others to do the same. πŸ’–

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You inspire one another to step into your Royal Nature. πŸ’™

You uplift and embolden your fellow Heroines. πŸ’›

You are a Real Life Princess.❀️ 

Hold that knowledge in your heart.

Let it fuel you every day.

Wear yours crowns to remind yourself of who you truly are.

A Princess.πŸ’–

A Queen.πŸ’œ

❀️ Be Magical,

Fairytale Creators Team ❀️

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