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How To Make Friends Fast! 3 EASY Tips! 😍

1. Smile and say 'Hello' to everyone! Let's face it, humans can be awkward. When a person greets you in a friendly way, you think well of them. Be the first to smile. You'll feel in tune with your community and be seen as a person with a super cool vibe. 😇


2. Be a gift giver. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Bring a home cooked meal to a neighbor. Bring plant clippings to a coworker. Or gift The Beguiling Green Crystal Crown for only $22.50 to someone you admire. Giving ALWAYS makes us feel wonderful and builds a strong bond. 🎁


3. Compliment people when it's genuine. "You have a great smile." "You're a breath of fresh air." "You do your job very well. It's appreciated!" A real connection can be made quickly when we show sincere interest in someone. 🥰