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Only The Bold & The Beautiful Qualify To Wear Crowns

Many of you tell us about your insecurities around wearing crowns and tiaras.


“Where would I wear a tiara?”


“Will it look good on me?”


“Is it too weird to wear out in public?”


“Am I pretty enough?”


“Am I courageous enough?”


“Will people judge me?”


“Crowns are pretty. Tiaras are magical. But are they for ME?!”


Here’s what we propose to you…


Try it.


Just try it.


Do your makeup.


Style your hair.


Pick out a cute outfit.


And place a diadem on your head.


Go somewhere.


Visit your moms house for a cup of tea.


Go about your errands at the grocery store.


Pick up your children from school.


…even to your office!


You tell us if you don’t have amazing interactions.


You tell us if you don’t feel prettier that day.


You tell us if you don’t feel more special.


Make it like a science experiment.


Pay attention.


Do more people smile at you while wearing a crown?


Do you feel a little happier?


More childlike?


More brave?


Does the tiara on your head make you feel a little more creative?


You tell us…


Are tiaras reserved for the bold and the beautiful?


Or did the tiara just make you more bold and more beautiful? ❤︎






Fairytale Creators Team ❤︎