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Why You Should Wear a Tiara and Tutu Every Day

Self Love is EVERYTHING. 


The better you feel about yourself, the more positive things you manifest. 


High self esteem is a major contributor to your prosperous nature. 


When you walk in confidence you attract those things you crave. 


www.FairytaleCreators.com exists to fuel your tank with self adoration. 


Picture walking down the street in your tiara and tutu feeling great. 


Do you think your day will be packed full of positive interactions?


Of course it will! No question.


Compliments come from men, women, young and old. 


Wearing something beautiful, something different spurs fun conversation. 


People are dying to connect with you! 


You just need to give them incentive. 


Wear your crown with blue jeans, to the beach, Coachella or your wedding. 


Sport a tutu with tennis shoes or stilettos. 


Embrace your femininity, your inner child, your playful teenager. 


Can you imagine how much fun a masculine dude would have if he wore a tutu for a day?!


We here at Fairytale Creators want a more magical world. We insist on it!


Fantasize for a moment what your world will become when you ‘royal' more often. 


Doesn’t it feel the way it should?!


Now… go pick out those crowns. Smile huge.


XoXo Fairytale Creator